ductable ac Service

we are offering All Brand Ductable AC Repairing Serviceto our customers. Our experienced professionals interact with clients and know their needs to provide this repairing service accordingly. Also, these are offered at very reasonable rates. 

Extreme cooling machines for commercial space

General the world-renowned premier airconditioning brand, now brings you a range of duct type Air Conditioners. Extreme cooling machines for commercial space that make a whole of business sense.
Extreme comfort
General duct type air-conditioners are engineered to deliver consistently powerful cooling even at high ambient temperatures. Besides the thermo sensor in the remote control lets you work in comfort at all times irrespective of the temperature outside. In fact, the sensors can be installed at various locations in your office to suit your specific needs. The temperature control is made easy by the automatic remote control.
General duct type Air Conditioners come with a host of other features like a Weekly Timer, Group Control System and Temperature Set Back Timer that help you enjoy hassle free comfort all year through.
The next level technology
An ace product of patented Fujitsu technology developed in Japan,General duct type Air Conditioner have been further perfected in the hottest climes of the world, the Middle East and Africa. Designed to perform under the most extreme conditions, they are equipped with scroll compressors, which offer numerous unbeatable advantages,and economical to operate. Making them super cool,super sturdy machines worth every rupee.
Take your pick
The General duct type air-conditioners come in a wide range to your every need, be it 18,000 to 60,000 BTU specs. The ultra thin indoor unit specially designed for low ceilings. The units can be either hung from the ceiling or directly anchored to the ceilings. The flexibility is endless.
Worth every rupee

The Scroll compressor delivers unbelievable power saving for the business user. In actualusage , our air conditioners have shown upto 50% saving on power bills. Easy to install and easier to maintain, the units make great economic sense to the discerning buyer. So, to know more on how our duct type air conditioners make perfect business sense, call us today. And take pride in one more wise business decision